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MidCorr Packaging, LLC ("MidCorr") began operations in 1996 as a manufacturer of corrugated sheets utilizing a single Isowa 98" corrugator, in a 100,000sf building. MidCorr was created as a joint venture of 5 box plants located throughout the Midwest. Smilax Road, in Olive Township was chosen as the location for MidCorr, due to its proximity to the US 31 Bypass, I-80/90, I-94 and it is centrally located among the 5 owners.

In the initial years of operation, MidCorr was producing sheets almost exclusively for its owners. However, in 2002, the decision was made to expand the operations to service the corrugated sheet needs beyond the ownership base. Based on the opportunity to finance a new building, the owners agreed to expand locally and broke ground on a 150,000sf addition to the current facility. During this same time period, the name of MidCorr was changed to Five Star Sheets, LLC ("Five Star Sheets"). Shortly after the building expansion, Five Star Sheets invested approximately $7 million in a 110" BHS corrugator, almost doubling its production capacity.

Throughout 2005 - 2008, Five Star Sheets' staffing levels have increased in all areas, ranging from Accounting, Customer Service, Forklift Operators, Production, Sales and Scheduling, in an effort to more effectively fulfill the day-to-day needs of our increasing customer base.

After nine years of outsourcing our freight to common carriers and on-site logistic companies, the owners established a partnership, in 2006, with a dedicated shipping company, FS Transportation ("FST"). With FST, Five Star Sheets has gained more logistics flexibility through added services to customers and backhauling capability.

Today, Five Star Sheets employs over 100 people and produces approximately $100 million of corrugated sheets annually. Our customer base has grown to service over 75 regional customers, throughout Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Northern Kentucky.



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