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An often overlooked part of our everyday lives, the corrugated box was actually invented over 200 years ago in 1817. The process has evolved during that time, allowing us to take steps to minimize its impact on the environment.

Five Star Sheets strives to be an important part of this by using renewable resources to produce the sheets used in the manufacture of these boxes. We continuously work to enhance and improve the processes involved in making each sheet.

Five Star Sheets is committed to encouraging sustainability in the industry and responsible forest management by securing raw material from suppliers with certified sourcing and/or chain of custody certifications wherever possible.  Five Star Sheets has been certified since 2010 for SFI® Certified Sourcing for Label Use (SFI-01097).  Certification (FSC-C149460) to the FSC® Chain of Custody standard was achieved in 2019.  Five Star Sheets can now offer, upon request, corrugated sheets with the FSC Recycled 100% claim.

Read on to learn more about how a box is made, from raw materials to the final product.