Five Star Sheets specializes in providing top quality and service to its customers. With our two corrugator environment, we have a high-volume capacity that allows us to be exceptionally flexible with fulfilling customer needs. We provide minimum lead time, with superior on-time delivery on all of our products.

Five Star Sheets has invested in the CASE (Continuous Automatic Scheduling Environment) tool, to tailor smaller corrugator scheduling batches based upon our customer’s actual due time and date requests. We have also designed a 5-level priority system for each customer, to coincide with their anticipated receiving needs.

Through Kiwiplan, we have already set-up our order entry system to interface with Amtech/Imaginera, HRMS, Zytek and Advanced Software through EDI/RSO implementations that allow sheet orders to be electronically placed in our system. With this service, added labor and order entry errors are eliminated.

Five Star Sheets also has a web-based tool that allows any customer the capability of reviewing their historic backlog, 14-day future outlook and current day order statuses. Not only can any authorized user access what orders have been placed but also the amount loaded for each order, along with its actual time of departure. These are just a few of its features.

To find out more about ever-expanding list of products and services, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Our 98″ Isowa doublewall and 110″ BHS singlewall corrugators allow us to manufacture:

  • B, C, E and S flute singlewall

  • BC, EB, BB and SC flute doublewall
  • Widths ranging from 8″ – 109″

  • Lengths ranging from 18″ – 220″

  • Various score profiles, including: pt-pt, offset, 3pt, reverse 3pt, flathead, reverse flathead, ¼”-¼ perforation, slit and tele-twin
  • Specialty applications, such as: print wheel, ¾” reinforcement tape, combination open sesame tape, ¼” tear tape and 1″ reinforcement tape

  • High performance kraft liners ranging in weights from 26# to 90#

  • Medium variety including: 23#, 26#, 33# and 40#

  • Large stock supply of specialty liners such as: NoMar, X300, 40E, Mottled White, Bleached White, Coated White Top, Matte and Satin Black

  • Non-stock special liner purchases like pre-printed kemi, a wide array of colors and various functional coatings